What Happens in Marriage….

Keith: “Sup, baby? Looking pretty sexy this morning…”

Briyona (rolling her eyes and placing her right hand in his face): “Boy, don’t even try! I just put this lil girl to sleep and now I’m tired, so leave me alone.”

Keith (smiling): “Don’t be like that, bae. I was just commenting you on your figure. That doesn’t mean I want sex.”

Briyona: “Oh really? Well, that thing sticking up in between your legs is telling me a different story.”

Keith (waving her off playfully): “Don’t pay him any mind. He does that every morning.”

Briyona (placing her hands on her hips): “And every morning He keeps bothering me for…”

Keith (pushing her towards the bedroom): “Oh, pish posh! And what’s wrong with a little ‘Hanky Panky’ every now and again?

Briyona (eyes widening): “Boy! We did it at least three times in a row yesterday! That’s not ‘Hanky Panky’, it’s borderline addiction! You need help!”

Keith: “Well, it wasn’t like you didn’t enjoy it. In fact, I think you enjoyed it more than me, so why stop now?”

Briyona (shaking her head and stuttering): “Because we have a child to raise, THAT’S WHY AND, I’M TIRED!”

Keith: “Well, just let me get on top this time and that way, you won’t have to do as much”

Briyona (getting irritated): “Why everything gotta be about sex with you? Can’t we just lay next to each other and enjoy one another’s company?! Jesus!”

Keith (grinning mischievously):”That would be nice but you always come to bed wearing those shirts I like with no bra or underwear. That combination alone will always wake Him up.

Briyona: “I don’t care! Tell Him to go back to sleep, I’m tired!

Keith: “Well, okay. By the way, I got this tip from a high-roller last night…One hundred dollar bill…I wonder what I should do…?”

Briyona (pushes him down on the bed): “Oh shut-up and get on your back!”





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