Sick Range


The smell of field grass and the irritating chirps of mindless crickets aggravated the worsening condition of a poor, old giant as he rubbed his throbbing stomach.  When he plopped down, the earth shivered causing tiny rocks and boulders to move out of place.

“Oh, I don’t feel so good” he groaned, while turning over on his sides, “I shouldn’t have had that last plate…”

His bubbling stomach rattled the entire region so much that the birds in the forests flew away in a panic! He belched up black smoke and sucked in his lips when he tasted the sulfur on his ashy tongue.

“Uh Oh! Oh No…..!” the man cries, just before regurgitating the contents of his feast in a violent huff!

His scorching, watery bile spewed from his lips in all directions and afterwards, poured down the terrain in a slow, lazy manner. The trees surrounding him immediately bursts into flames and cleared a path for the deadly vomit. Finally, after hours of progression, it reached the cliffs and poured down into the sea. The ill-giant releases more spasms of undigested matter that trickled down the sides of his mouth until he finished. Although the island around him was completely devastated, he released a smoky sigh of relief as he wiped away the residue from the corners of his orifice. The nurse, watching the scenario from her tower, called her assistants to help her as a team of ladies poured cool water over his body. They washed his face, hands and sides to bring his body temperature down. To the elderly giant, it felt like a sweet, spring rain on a blazing summer’s day. When the entire ordeal ended, he laid on his back and fell asleep.


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