Lazy Sands


His rays against her were torturous and she wailed in utter despair. By some miracle, she somehow managed to lift her sleeping brother off the floor. 

The father rubbed his puffy, red eyes when he opened the door and came home. His daughter, Windy, dashed about the living room playing with a thin ball of tumbleweed, while her older brother, Dune, napped on the floor in a nonchalant fashion. He crossed his hands behind his back and breathed so loudly that his snores echoed in the house. When Windy saw her father walk thru the door, a large smile beamed across her lips and her eyes brightened for joy. She immediately abandoned her toy and dashed over to her father. Meanwhile, Dune’s chest rose and fell as he continued his slumber. Displeased, the father eyes his son, shakes his head and tries to move him by having his sister push him. However, he wouldn’t budge. Irritated, the father glared at him with beams coming from his eyes. The temperature grew hotter and hotter on his son’s face, so much so, that he began to tan. No matter what he did, his lazy rump of a son didn’t stir. Now at the peak of utter frustration, the turns his attention to Windy and punishes her for his son’s laziness. His rays against her were torturous and she wailed in utter despair as she managed to lift her sleeping big brother off the floor. Finally, after her booming cries for help, she managed to wake her elder sibling from sleep with a great big push from her gusty breath! When he awoke, he stood up to greet his father. When he saw what his father did to his sister, he erected a wall between the two.  The wall was so high that his father could no longer reach his sister in the house. The barricade broke through the ceiling and touched the skies. Pleased with the outcome, his father left the house and returned to his second job just as wife, Luna, rushed in to comfort her crying daughter. Her cool hands settles the angry young man and her brother rested on the floor once more. Everything grew silent under his mother’s gentle watch.

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