The War of the Weavers

Legend tells of three divinities born from three stars that display the blessing of  power with a needle and thread.  Hasina, daughter of the body, Arima of the soul and Teanna, of the mind. These three young women were the best weavers in the world. With the help of the heavens, they crafted the most powerful fabrics on earth to aid mankind in their quest for civilization. However, as time passed,  Hasina and Arima’s love for mankind turned into hatred and they used their weaving to turn men into savages. However, Teanna, daughter of the mind, sought to protect mankind from her bitter sisters by spindling various tapestries that would aid humanity in becoming demi-gods. Centuries flew by and the old world ceased to exist. Many in the modern era no longer remember the war of the weavers, but their struggle for supremacy continues to this day.


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