The War of the Weavers: Part 1

Rush hour traffic tied up the highways with  a sea of cars piled up on the freeway every Monday morning. The impatient drivers behind the wheel honked at each other and stuck out their fingers at the poor pedestrians trying to cross as they waited for the long traffic lights to change. One female in particular taps her slender, dark caramel, manicured fingernails on the steering wheel in a frantic fashion while she kept an eye out for any opening she could see that would help her get through the thick traffic.

“Aw, come on!” she yelled, as she honked the horn and pushed the button to lower her driver’s side windows. She bashed the car horn several times before she screamed, “Hurry up! I’m late for work!” She looked at the watch on her arm and groaned as she for her cup of latte. Just as she placed the hot beverage to her lips, an incoming call on her cell phone startled her and she spilled the coffee on her pin stripped pencil skirt!

Groaning, she answered the phone in haste, “Hello? Cheryl, is that you? Hello?!”

“Stacey?” the male voice replied.

“Dad?” she replied, surprised that he called.

“Yeah hon, it’s me. How ya doin this morninkiddo?” he said.

“Not good” she answered, “I’m late for one, two, I’ve got a presentation and to top it all off…my secretary isn’t answering the phone…”

Midway into her phone conversation, she sticks her head outside her driver’s side window and shouts at the car in front of her, “HEY BUTT-HOLE! MOVE THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY!”

“Oh boy,” her Dad said with a loud sigh, “Take a deep breath and don’t stress so much, baby girl. Daddy’s got you and you know if you fall on hard times…”

Stacey smiled at her dad’s kind words and said in a rush, “I know, I know. Thanks Dad, I’ve got this”

“That’s my girl” he replied, ” Now you go out there and show them what I taught you”

“You bet I will!” she answered before hanging up.

Her lifted spirits dwindled about fifteen afterwards when she saw the stalled traffic. When she saw the light turn green, she waited about five minutes for the Chevy pick-up in front of her to move. Aggravated, she punched her car horn several times and the truck inched up. Enraged, she thought about all the time she wasted trying to get through the jam when all of a sudden, she watched in slow motion a two-door Ford flipping over and flying through the air into the sea of cars behind her! The vehicle hurled over her, bounced into some other cars and crashed into the small shops on the side of the highway. The strange phenomenon scared her to death as more cars flipped out the way and crashed beside her, revealing a destroyed highway! A tire from one of the cars hit a nearby fire hydrant and released a geyser of water. When the frightened young woman looked ahead, she saw a strange man wearing a burgundy vest with no undershirt and jeans walking towards her….


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