The War of the Weavers: Part 2

Stacey blinked twice when she saw the burly, male with the burgundy pants and vest coming towards her because a black aura surrounded his body and a black, liquid substance filled the white in his eyes.  As he drew near, she looked into the man’s eyes that no longer seemed human and the savage grin plastered on his lips warned her of incoming danger. The frightened young woman stifled a scream, but felt relief when five or six police cars drove past her and surrounded the man! The officers exited their vehicles and barricaded the alien suspect.

“This is the NYPD!” said the police officer on the bullhorn, “We have you surrounded! Put your hands in the air or we will open fire!”

The suspect didn’t reply and steadily made his way towards Stacey for some unknown reason. When the chief officer gave the order, every cop aiming their pistol towards the man fired! A maelström of bullets tore through the man’s flesh as he fell to one knee in front of Stacey. However, when the officers emptied their clips, the man flashed the woman an eerie smile as he stood to his feet. He flung his right arm in the officers’ direction and released several burgundy spikes which catapulted from his vest! The projectiles skewed the squad vehicles and some impaled the officers. More spikes, infused with some sort of black electricity, protruded from the assailant’s vest and skewed the squad vehicles. The electrical currents running through the projectiles triggered a massive explosion that engulfed the remaining officers in flames of fire and routed them. A panicked little girl, witnessing the destruction, ran down the block in a desperate search for her mother. She cried for her and her fears grew when she saw the man attacking the policemen. The strange man, watching the girl run pass him, smiled again and aimed a projectile in her direction. Stacey, sensing the villain’s murderous intentions, floored the gas pedal and rammed her car into the man! His torso smashed the front end of her Sedan, but she didn’t care. She opened her driver’s door and screamed, “KEEP RUNNING! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!”

The little girl bolted as Stacey exited the car. While she retrieved her purse, the man hunched over the vehicle jumped up and grabbed her by the neck. With a satisfying look on his face, he tightened his grip around her throat in a slow, methodical fashion. Powerless, she struggled to break free from his clutches as she felt the life being choked out of her. His grip tightened more and more when she tried to move or wrap her hands around his. 

“Time to die” he said.

However, something swooped past the two and that made his head turn.

Something or someone struck his neck and sent him flying into a nearby car which freed Stacey.

She collapsed on her knees, gasped for air and coughed several times before getting up again. When she looked up, she saw a tall, older man dressed in a dark navy Armani suit wearing a polka dot black tie.

“Dad?!” she exclaimed in disbelief.


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