What Happens In Marriage…Phase 2

Briyona: “Bae, what’re you doin now?”

Keith: “Typing…why? What is it?”

Briyona: “I was wondering if you would buy me that new perfume set at Macy’s? It’s called, “Italian Zest!”

Keith (scratching his head): “Don’t you already have several perfume sets? Why do you need another one?”

Briyona: “It’s for our special occasion”

Keith (grinning): “What occasion?”

Briyona: “Aren’t we going out tomorrow? You promised to take me to Bistro to celebrate our anniversary?! Remember?”

Keith: “Yeah, but why do you need more perfume for that?”

Briyona: “Because I wear different scents based on my mood. When I’m happy, I wear Curve. When I’m depressed, I wear Bieber…”

Keith: “And when you’re horny, you’ll wear something from Victoria Secret”

Briyona (smiling and blushing): “Of course you’d only remember what I wear for sex”

Keith (grinning): “Just following my primal instincts…Don’t judge!”

Briyona (rolling her eyes): “Whatever”

Keith: “So, just out of curiosity? What do you wear when you’re pissed off at me?”

Briyona (smiling evilly): “The perfume your mom wears”

Keith (rising in haste): “Fine…I’ll get the keys”

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