The War of the Weavers Part 3

Stacey’s father smiled with confidence as he straightened the neck tie on the collar of his three-piece gray and white striped suit. His gray and black hair glistened in the sun when he stooped to help his daughter up. A large grin crept across her face when she brushed her dad’s face and felt the stubble of his beard.

“Dad?” she asked, “What in the world are you doing? And how did you do that?!”

Her father’s smile turned into a scowl as he sighed with disgust when he answered,”Stay back! It’s not over yet!”

The young woman’s creased forehead gave away her inner worries, but her father grabbed her by the shoulders and said in a reassuring voice, “This’ll only take a minute”

Meanwhile, from the next street over, the possessed maniac burst from a pile of sheet rock, stepped over the wreckage and walked through a hole in the wall. Her father, sensing the impending danger, loosens his tie with his right hand, removes it from his neck and throws it. After he launches the object, it stops on its own and levitates in the air above his head.  Suddenly, the tie expands, curls like a snake, whips and cracks against the walls of nearby buildings. The crackling noise of the steel tie echoes in the streets as it made its way towards the target. The enemy looked around him for a few moments before turning his head towards Stacey’s direction. Stacey’s father waved his hands about in hopes of diverting the man’s attention away from his daughter. When the assailant gazed in his direction, the older man smiled right before the steel tie stopped in front of the possessed man’s face. Many spikes projected from the man’s vest in self-defense, but it was too late. Without warning, the elongated tie wrapped around the villain’s entire body and lifted him into the air!  While the villain struggles to get free from its restraints, Stacy’s father takes his first two fingers and with a snap, the enemy’s tie, pants and vest shredded into tiny pieces.  Stacy covered her eyes when the naked man fell to the ground. Stacy, eyeing her father, tugged his jacket and planned on asking him a series of questions when suddenly, the man’s torn garments inched along the ground. No one noticed the slow progression of the garments re-assembling. When Stacy opened her mouth, her father held up his right index finger, reaches into his jacket’s side-pocket and picked up his cell with his left hand.

“Yes” he said, “Yeah…I already took care of it…no casualties, but significant damage to the city. You’re going to have to send the crew to clean up….Okay, fine…Yeah, I’ll be on my way”

He places his cell back in his pocket and turns his attention back to his daughter.

“I’m sorry, look I’ll explain…”he began, but as he spoke, the small burgundy shreds of the possessed cloth began to swiftly move from the concrete to Stacy’s feet. It began to reassemble itself starting at her bare legs repairing itself as it did while Stacy felt a cold chill run up her spine.

“NO!” the father shouted in a panic as he watched his daughter look up at him with her brown glassy eyes.

Daddy!? Whats happening!







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