What Happens in Marriage…Phrase 3

Keith: “Uh…Bae…What in the world did you buy for $300?!”

Briyona (flipping her hair defiantly): “The newest lace front wig! It’s awesome! Looks like my real hair, doesn’t it?”

Keith (smacking his forehead and lowering his head): “Why in the hell would you spend so much money on fake hair? What’s wrong with your real hair?”

Briyona: “EVERYTHING! I sleep on it almost every night! I can’t go to the hair dresser like I want to because we are on a budget! Plus, have you seen how damaged it is?”

Keith: “That’s because you cut it when I told you NOT TO! MAYBE, if I would have said, CUT IT! We wouldn’t be having this conversation”

Briyona (rolling eyes): “Whatever, it’s my hair and I can do what I want with it!”

Keith (shaking his head): “Women…so backwards…then you spend money on the most useless things”

Briyona: “Oh really? Well, what about that PS-4 you bought for almost the same price?! How the hell is that useful?!”

Keith (answers with an impish smile): “Simple, it keeps my mind occupied so I don’t cheat on you. You know what they say about idle minds…”

Briyona (walking away): “Whatever, I don’t have time for this crap. I bought the wig so deal with it!”



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