What Happens in Marriage…Phase 4

Keith: “Look honey, let me just say that you are beautiful. Everyday, I lay my eyes on you, I always find myself smiling because I feel lucky to have you next to me”

Briyona (looking at him skeptically): “Really?”

Keith (smiling): “Yes, you inspire me to go above and beyond. I don’t want to shatter your expectations. I want to be the best man that I can possibly be for you. You drive me wild and make me do things I would never do. You understand me. You and only you. You know I like to have fun and you make sure I have as much fun as possible”

Briyona doesn’t answer, but blushes as she wraps her arms around his neck.

Keith: “You’re soft but rough, sweet and sour, warm and fuzzy…I promise to give you all my love, attention and time”

Briyona (stops blushing and angrily glares at him): “Aw, that’s sweet hon, but MY FACE IS UP HERE, PERVERT!”

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