Wrong Way

Dark at night,

Tired, Want to sleep

But I can’t

As long as my hands are

Behind the wheel-

But I dosed off, slumbered,

Pulling to the side,

Sleeping, dreaming of

A road that leads

To a mansion so

When I woke up,

I took that road to

Discover that I had

Took a wrong turn

And now I’m going

Down a road I was

Never supposed to be on-


Watched other cars

Driving along safely

And thought, This must…

Be the right way,

But I have

Quickly discovered that

The way they were going

Wasn’t the right way at all.


Still Dark, late,

Tired, but I can’t go

To sleep, I stayed awake.

I opened my map and

What did I find?

An enigma of signs and roads.

Will I ever get home?

The Emergency Lights

Are still flickering and I am

Still waiting for Someone…

Turned completely around

But still have yet to go Home.

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