Imagine this…

Imagine that you are a knight surrounded by a barbarian horde. Their fierce and hungry eyes send a cold chill down your spine, but you don’t flinch to show your strength. You can’t understand their language as they shout at you and each other, but you know, given the chance, they will chop you to pieces and place your head in a basket. Smelling blood from their bodies, you know they spent the day pillaging and slaughtering helpless villages, but today will be different. Today, you stand ready to put these savages in the ground. They mock and jeer at you, but they don’t know that you’ve fought dragons and will use their ignorance to wreak havoc upon them. You reach for your side, and, to intimidate them, you drag your sword from your scabbard, revealing the lightning blade blessed to you from the gods for your courage. A lightning bolt cracks across the sky as you swing your blade, startling the intruders. You no longer smell blood, but fear, as the barbarian’s blood lust turn to cowardice. They flee, seeing the power you wield in your hand, but you know that you carry the blade of Zeus and no matter where they go, they cannot escape. You point your blade at your first victim and a lightning bolt claps from the sky. It tears through a barbarian and he collapses on the ground. That’s one down, now it’s time to find the rest.

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Imagine that you are a princess and you’re standing in front of a mirror surrounded by maids busily dressing you in a beautiful white gown for the courtesan ball. An old woman who’s the head maid stands behind you instructing you on proper etiquette, but you pay her little mind as you can’t help your excitement. For today is the day you pick the love of your life. Your father spared no expense in preparing this banquet. Music, fine wine and finally, a dance on a balcony underneath the starry sky. This was all done for you, the king’s daughter, rumored to be the most beautiful woman in all the land. An event said to host princes from across the globe was designed to establish good relations between kingdoms and since your father’s kingdom is the most powerful in the land, they will do everything they can to win your favor. The maids finish with your dress, makeup and you smile at yourself in the mirror. “I’m ready,” you say, and they escort you to the Grand hall. With the banquet in full swing, you are the last person to arrive. Standing behind red curtains, you hear the Duke announce your arrival. Your heart races and wonder, “Who will be the prince that will dance with me under the stars?” The curtains open and a brilliant glow from the diamond chandelier caresses your face as you gleefully smile, gracing the audience with your elegance and beauty.

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