Good Day

Hello and thank you to all who followed me. Whether real or fake matters little to me; I appreciate having an audience no matter how small.

So, where do I start?

First, I want to let you know what my goals are. Primarily, I want to be a successful author. Some of you reading this may think, (that’s what everybody want) and you’d be right, but let’s face it. What everyone wants, differs from what they can achieve. I’m not asking to be as big as Neil Gaiman or (insert famous author here), but I want to reach a level where I can afford an apartment solely on my writing. That’s it. If there’s a chance to become bigger, I wouldn’t mind, but if I can achieve apartment level success, then I’m good. I know you should (Reach for the stars) as some would like to say, but you gotta make it through the stratosphere first. Baby steps you know.

Second, I would like to know what your goals are. I’ve come across followers, each trying their hardest to build their businesses, brand or blog and I simply want to relate to all of you. Leave a comment below telling me about your goals and I’d be thrilled to discuss them with you.

Last, announcements. Blood Souls and Sacrifice is currently in its editing phase and we are about 60 percent finished. Blood Souls and Sacrifice is a Dark Fantasy revolving around Richard, a man blessed with holy power and his partner Debra, a werewolf. Together, they face Dracula as he uses his eight daughters to summon Abbadon from the pits of hell. High pace, action, interesting characters and a little horror to go with it. We should be finished by march, so stay in touch. If you want a good action packed Fantasy, check out, The Verse of Estoria book 1 and book 2. If you’re unsure of the quality check out the reviews on Goodreads where others have read and enjoyed the book.

If you enjoyed the series, leave a review. Doesn’t have to be long; just something you’ve enjoyed about the book. This will help move me further up the Amazon rankings.

Well, that’s all I have for today. I’ll post more personal blogs about myself in the coming weeks so, stop by from time to time. Thank all of you for your patience and time. Keep reading and I’ll keep writing. Have a blessed day.

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