I Got This.

Superman and Wonder woman were called upon to defeat Apocalypse. The two lured the monster into the desert. As Superman stepped forward, Wonder woman waved him away dismissively. With her back to him, she tossed her hair and said, “Back off, Kent! I got this.” Superman smirked, folded his arms and said, “Very Well.”Wonder woman pounded the enemy with a series of haymakers and slammed the giant monster against a plateau. As an avalanche of boulders fell over the creature, she smiled confidently. Diana flew above the pile, placed her foot over it, looked at Superman and said “See, nothing to it…”However, while she spoke, a giant hand emerged from the rocks, grabbed the heel of her red boot and flung her into a mountain. Then, in a flash, while she was dazed, snatched her by the hair, spun her around several times and tossed her into sea of sand dunes. Spitting sand from her mouth, she raised her head and eyed Superman who just stood over her, and grinned. When Apocalypse came for him, he unleashed an eye beam blast that disintegrated the creature in one blow. Pissed, Wonder woman rolled her eyes and snapped, “Why the hell didn’t you do that earlier?!”Superman shrugged his shoulders and said, “You didn’t ask. I got this, remember?”

Diana placed her hand on her hips and argued, “Your mother obviously didn’t teach you any manners. You saw me getting my butt kicked and you did nothing! Coward! Men are supposed to help ladies when they are in trouble…”“Wait, hold that thought!” Superman said and flew off in a flash. Two seconds later, he came back with Lois Lane wrapped around his arms. “Thank you for rescuing me, Clark! I love you!” Lois said with a relieved smile. “She’s a lady,” Superman said, “But you’re not, Amazon. By the way, you’re welcome.”

Written By Sali P-wife and editor

A short-fanfare story

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