Estorian Lore (The Beginning)

Long ago, before trees reached the sky, before floating islands, underground oceans and mysterious moons, there was nothing. A barren desert planet with mountainous dunes, perpetual darkness and horrors of the darkness existed in the world called Endina. The savage inhabitants of this world devoured each other in an endless struggle for dominance. Although these creatures held various forms, all were giants with skin darker than a void. Destructive battles battered the sandy dunes with craters and its debris reached space and created planet’s encompassing ring. Eons passed and the never ending battle nearly destroyed the planet, but a glistening white comet descended from the heavens and crashed into the war-torn sands. Rising from the crater, dawning pure white battle armor and his golden scepter, The Grand Creator Elyonesus arrived and with his words alone, started subduing the creatures.

Restoring half the planet, Elyonesus drove the horrors back while bringing new life to the dying world. He made rivers, oceans, trees and unknown lands, but the giants, empowered by the perpetual darkness, fought back and destroyed the creations he carefully crafted. Thus, Elyonesus thundered and a bright, new star appeared in the black sky that drove away the darkness. Without their powers, the creatures fled to the darkest parts of the planet where they take refuge from his wrath.

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