Self-Publishing. What I learned

Hello everyone how are you? Those of you who are currently reading this, I thank you sincerely for taking your busy time to read this post. With vast amounts of content littered across social media, I appreciate just one of you taking the time to read my post.

With that being said I thought I’d share my Self-Publishing path. About three years ago, I self-published my first young adult novel, The Verse of Estoria. Ofcourse with little to no success I knew that getting reviews was paramount to get myself out there. So I went review hunting. The experience was tiring. With soo many people trying to self-publish, reviewers are either swamped with constant requests or preferred not to deal with self-published authors at all. This made it difficult for me to get people to review my work. Nevertheless, I’ve got at least three people to review my book. Two Reviewers and one author, all with four to five star reviews on Goodreads. However, I’ve only managed one review on Amazon.

Amazon is its own monster as it’s hard to get people who don’t know me to buy and review the book. I’ve put in several requests for reviewers and none of them panned out lol. It doesn’t bother me all that much as being that I’m a no-name author I expected little though a question remains. What will it take to get readers to look my way? If any of you have an answer, leave a comment.

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