Estorian Lore (The City)

After he defeated the abysmal creatures of the night, Elyonesus resumed his mystic creations in his newfound domain. He crafted towering mountains, fruit rich continents, floating islands in the sky and the sparkling rivers flowing from them. He formed his forests and the wondrous creatures who dwelled in them and the cold tundras and the creatures that dwelled in those. With his words and wisdom, he turned the once barren world into an utopia filled with life, abundance and balance.

With the Utopia established, the Grand King, with words from his heart, created his children. Unique creatures carrying his form but also the form of his creations. He scattered them across his utopia where they happily dwelled and multiplied, adapting to their environment and forming tribes. For centuries they lived in peace reverencing the Grand King where they adored him as their father. They sang songs to him brought gifts to him and listened to his knowledge while each race regarded each other as bretheren.

Elyoneses was happy and proud with his children, thus, he created Estoria a wondrous, towering city filled with his words. These words, to the inhabitance, are known as Verses.

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