The War

With his city Established, his children enjoyed Elyonesus’s words and used them to build wonders of their own. From cities and machinery to grand performances, the Estorians as they are rightfully called, mastered their creators words and enjoyed centuries of prosperity and happiness. However, on the dark side of Endina, the native beings, monsters of the night was not idle. For Eons, they envied their invader’s powers and the gift he gave his creations. They ceased their million year conflict and assigned their strongest to be their leader. By mastering the essence of the void, they amassed monstrous armies, built abysmal machines and created the power of the curse to rival the power of the verse. They marched across the dark deserts and arrived at the border of light.

It was during an event held to honor the great King when they invaded. Like a typhoon, they struck with destructive power, obliterating the Estorian’s crafted cites and decimating their fruitful lands. They corrupted some Estorians and used them against their own kin as a shield while the pushed inland towards Estoria. However, King Elyonesus, with the seven keys to his city, attacked and again, Endina was engulfed in a world encompassing war.

The battles was fiercer than anything the land endured. The skies were torn, the mountains shattered to pieces, and the oceans nearly evaporated, but Elyonesus and his summoned keys were victorious and drove the monstrous horde back to their domain, never to be seen again.

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