Marketing Efforts

Hello Everyone. It’s close to the end of the day and I figured I tell you what I did. With all the social media networks out there, it’s hard to tell i any of them are any good for book sales or just getting your name out there. So I’ll share what I did today. So far, I have about six social media websites through which I submit my work in some sort of way.

Twitter was the first place I went to replied to a few tweets and tweeted some of my novels there to no avail. Goodreads is the next spot I post I try to market myself. I offer reviews and try to find decent reads from new authors like myself. Next is facebook. Now I haven’t played with facebook that much, but I’ve recently connected with a few people who I think is interested in the type of work I do. Video game lit and anime are my target audience but I’m not sure who’ll respond to me. I purchased a campaign to boost a post views on facebook today so I’m waiting for the results.

Next up is Instagram. I have about 25 followers on Instagram but so far I don’t know how to use that app properly on my PC. Of course there’s where I post lore and other short stories and if you’re reading this post; I thank you. WordPress is kinda interesting as I tend to get some views every time I post but I’m not sure if it’s converting into sales. Last but not least is there, is where I developed and refined my writing techniques. I’ve received a few awards and I’ve gotten a nomination to a quill award on Blood Souls and Sacrifice.

So there’s my marketing effort. Mind you, I’m not upset at the lack of progress, in fact, I’m thrilled that I’m doing some pushing on my own. And I’m happy for the small responses I’ve had today. Baby steps right? Either way, I’m striving to be the best at what I do.

What about you? What efforts are you making to get yourself out there? Leave a comment.

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