Verses is power manifest. Elyonesus’s words gifted to the Estorians to excersise his power in the lands of Endina. Generally, these words are written to activate, but under some circumstances, can be invoked simply by speaking. Weak or powerful they may be, they can only be used once per sunrise. Verses are divided into six categories. Fire, Water, Wind, Stone, Light and Dark.

As the name suggests, fire verses contain the element of fire which are used in a varying ways. Forging, Cooking, Purifying and strengthening are one of the many uses of the fire verse. However, due to the nature of fire itself, it is severely weak against all water verses and becomes more powerful with wind verses.

Water verses are elements that can prolong and sustain life. If used properly, water verses can grow crops and trees, cleanse the corrupt elements and even used as Ice under certain conditions. Same as fire, it’s weak against its opposite element fire, but with the right verse, can bring out a hidden element.

It is said that the stone verse is the great king’s main verse. With it, he sculpted Endina after the previous inhabitants nearly brought it to ruin. Stone has many forms ranging from dirt to metal and even precious gems. Thus, light verses are necessary to change its forms. Earth verses doesn’t carry a weakness however, strength is a must when handling as stone verses are very dense.

Light verses, also known as, binding verses are verses that can alter the shape and size of anything it’s applied to. These are common verses and are often used in constructing vast cities or building machines. When used with the four elemental verses, it can alter their forms. Water can turn to ice, Stone into sand, wind into lightning and fire into magma. Due to their common nature, some light verse are useless to some people, but in the hands of a true verse mage one can work wonders.

Compared to all the other verses, Dark verses are enigmatic in nature. It is often suspected that these verses control the senses. Others suspect that these verses can alter one’s soul. Regardless, Dark Verses are rare, powerful and most of all, forbidden. Thus, whenever written, will impose a heavy cost to the user.

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