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Not a really fancy kind of guy…I love the simple things in life. My mom called me a space cadet when I was a kid because I would always find a way to escape into my own thoughts and world. I remember standing in the rain and enjoying the scenery around me when my mother drove up in her car. She fussed when she asked me why I didn’t have an umbrella. I shrugged my shoulders and let the rain drip down my brow. It felt great and besides, a little rain never killed anybody. It’s that same carefree spirit and vitality that I try to infuse in my works, whether short or long. I love world-building because you can create the world that you want to live in and I think this is true about life. I always hated the phrase, “That’s life” because it forces you to accept whatever comes your way and I don’t think you have to. I realize there are some things you can’t change, but I do believe the direction of your life and the way you live can change. I guess writing is a way for me to change the way I operate in life. I don’t know whether or not anyone will remember all the stories I write, but it is my hope that someday, something I write will inspire that motto. I don’t believe in accepting the world the way it is; there is always room for change and something new. That’s what I want all my works to be, a fresh breath of air and a turning tide. If you like what you see, please feel free to leave comments. I truly value your opinion, thanks and keep reading.

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