I Got This.

Superman and Wonder woman were called upon to defeat Apocalypse. The two lured the monster into the desert. As Superman stepped forward, Wonder woman waved him away dismissively. With her back to him, she tossed her hair and said, “Back off, Kent! I got this.” Superman smirked, folded his arms and said, “Very Well.”Wonder woman … Continue reading I Got This.

Good Day

Hello and thank you to all who followed me. Whether real or fake matters little to me; I appreciate having an audience no matter how small. So, where do I start? First, I want to let you know what my goals are. Primarily, I want to be a successful author. Some of you reading this … Continue reading Good Day

Imagine this…

Imagine that you are a knight surrounded by a barbarian horde. Their fierce and hungry eyes send a cold chill down your spine, but you don’t flinch to show your strength. You can’t understand their language as they shout at you and each other, but you know, given the chance, they will chop you to … Continue reading Imagine this…


Did you know that there are five million species left undiscovered on the planet? The earth is a huge place. From animals to sea creatures, humanity spent centuries finding each variety of animal under the stratosphere. Whether by curiosity or accident, people who discovered new creatures are showered with praise and adoration often times with … Continue reading Undiscovered